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SoftwareYoga is your one-stop destination to discover and share everything that's needed to build great software. The topics we bring you include Software Architecture, Development methodologies, Best practices, Programming etc. We also cover the human aspects tailored for Software professionals - Personal development, Life coaching, Fitness etc. To put it simply, we help make better software and better software-people!

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Software architecture principles that make the application scalable, high performing and easy to maintain.


Programming tips to keep the code simple and life of the programmer stress-free.

Development Process

Development Processes that maximize everyone's potential and takes the organization towards the desired goal.

Curriculum Vitae


Position: Chief Architect, Advisory Consultant and Mentor


  • Company-wide technical strategy
  • Architecture & Technology
  • Technical Studies and prototypes
  • Process improvements
  • Quality enforcement strategy
  • Mentor and coach



Position: System Analyst, Technical Architect, Mentor


  • System analysis
  • Architecture
  • Technical leadership
  • Process leadership



Position: Senior Software Developer


  • Architecture & Technology
  • Design and development
  • Technical Studies and prototypes
  • Training courses for new recruits


Alcatel-Lucent Technologies

Position: Software Engineer


  • Architecture
  • Software Development